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Quality Masonry Restoration & Repairs in Orillia, ON

Steven Tucci will collaborate with you through every stage of your repair or renovation projects. From planning the work to its implementation, you can expect competitive prices and a friendly attitude every step of the way. From spring thaw to winter freeze, you can count on Steven Tucci Masonry & Landscaping to give each project undivided attention.

Masonry & Concrete Tips

Steven Tucci wants you to know to protect your masonry work year-round against inclement weather. Call Steven Tucci and his team today to combine their masonry expertise with their knowledge of Orillia and the surrounding area’s weather patterns and construction practices.

  • Most brick houses are made of clay bricks, and these are the most porous masonry construction products. They should never be placed underground without adequate protection because prolonged exposure to water and annual freeze and thaw cycles will cause bricks to degrade quickly.

  • The bricks on your house are protected by your eaves, windows and door sills from most water damage. A well-constructed cap is still an exposed chimney’s best protection against Ontario’s inclement weather. It’s important to remember that some building techniques that work well in warm climates do not fare well here in the long run.

  • All bricks, concrete and masonry work will degrade over time when they’re exposed to salt or ice melting products, even if the manufacturer claims otherwise. For best results, use only masonry sand or clay-type kitty litter to prevent slips or falls in the winter months.

Masonry Repair Services

We undertake complete repairs of the following:

  • Window sills

  • Repairs around garage doors

  • Replace damaged bricks or blocks

  • Replace mortar between bricks and blocks where mortar is loose or missing

Additional Services

  • Free evaluation and assessments

  • Masonry recovering of existing staircases with interlocking stone

  • Masonry door frames and window frames (not including door or window installation)

Discover the beauty and quality of brick surrounds for your windows, doors, or garages in Orillia, ON,

  • Window with a brick surround

  • Double entry door with a brick surround

  • Garage door with a brick surround

Give Steven Tucci a call today to know more about the services.

Chimney Repair Services in Orillia, ON

Your chimney is exposed to all kinds of weather elements, and so it needs regular maintenance and repairs. Steven Tucci Masonry & Landscaping is here to offer you exceptional chimney repairs in Orillia and surrounding areas.  We can fix cracks and damage in brick chimneys that may lead to ceiling or roof damage.


We also provide:

  • Brick and block replacement to fix water damage, impact damage, shaling / spaling on any part of your home.

  • Custom poured concrete chimney caps with metal reinforcement.

Masonry Repairs and Restoration

We do brick and block replacement on buildings or chimneys to fix water damage.

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Service Area

  • Orillia and Surrounding Areas

  • Washago, Brechin, Oro Station


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